Choke Knob Pos. On Tecum. Snowblower


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Choke Knob Pos. On Tecum. Snowblower


I have a new Ariens snowblower; has a Tecum. engine and is the "Compact"

Works fine, as long as the Choke Knob is in the middle (seems like there are
3 detents for it) position

I realize that for normal running it should be all the way over to the left, max ccw, which is apparently the no-choke or full open position.

But, if I do put it all the way to that position, it dies.

Very happy, though, in the middle position. Runs great there.

Any thoughts on ?
Safe to run that way ?

Very hard for me to bring unit back to where purchased. Anything I can (easily) twiddle with safely, without lousing any other settings up ?

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Your carburetor needs cleaning. Try taking the bowl off, and clean the holes in the bowl screw. There are probably 4 holes in that screw that need cleaning out.
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From OP: Adj's Req. After Cleaning ?


Thanks for help.

Can I take the bowl off to clean the screw without having to readjust the screw, or any other screws, etc., when I put it all back ?

Not very competent in setting us the screw adj's on a Carb., so am concerned about the need to do so after the cleaning.

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I wouldn't remove the bowl, only the bowl nut. The bowl nut is the main jet in the carburetor and frequently cloggs up with varnish causing a lean condition, necessitating the need to choke partially or fully to compensate. If the bowl comes off you will face the possibility of the gasket falling off and the float dropping far enough that the inlet needle drops out. Both are difficult to reinstall with the carburetor still on the engine. Concern yourself now with the bowl nut (jet) first. This does not guarantee that you will solve your trouble but is the first step to take. Next, if no change is accomplished, is removal of the carburetor and soaking it in a quality bath cleaner and rebuilding with a kit.

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