5 HP Craftsman Snow Blower


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5 HP Craftsman Snow Blower

I have a 5 HP Craftsman Snowblower . It runs ok when idling ...but as soon as you put a load on it........i.e. SNOW, ......it bogs down and stalls out it doesn`t have the ooomph anymore to throw snow. Is it an engine problem ?loss of compression?, or is it maybe a clutch problem. Could anyone advise me towards a solution? Thanks ,Bill Connelly
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Sounds like you picked up some trash in the carb, this engine is how old? I'm guessing horizontal? May be water in the tank, may be clogged pickup tubes, or a stiff diapragm.
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Generally, with snowthrowers, the carburetor is to blame. You may need to remove such and recondition it with the correct OEM repair kit and gasket(s). When is the last time the machine was used? Has it sat for an extended time? If so, the carburetor likely has varnish build-up and will need to be soaked in a quality bath type cleaner prior to the recon.

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