Snowblower dies out right away...


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Snowblower dies out right away...

I have a 2-cycle snowblower with a 4.5HP motor. When I choke the carb and prime it a couple times it will start away. The problem is that it then dies out right away. IF I keep priming it though while running it will keep running. I can keep it running as long as I keep push the primer a couple times every 8-10 seconds. As soon as I stop doing that though, it dies out. Any ideas what in the fuel system may be doing this?? Thanks!
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Hi, Sounds like a simple fuel restriction . Unhook the fuel line from the carb and see if fuel flows. I don't know the carb you have but it might have a diaphragm fuel pump. The card may need to be cleaned and the diaphragm may need to be replaced. If you have a fuel filter in the tank or in the fuel line make sure it is free of dirt and water.
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I just thought I tell you about this but it only happened to me once. I had a 2 cycle lawn mower that would't start after winter storage. The carburetor had a bowl. The gas in the bowl evaporated but left all the oil from the 2 cycle gas mix.The bowl was full of oil. Won't run on oil!!!
If you have a bowl on the carburetor check it. After I cleaned out the bowl it started right up. Your carburetor may be full of oil from setting.
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When is the last time the machine was run? Did it run well? How old is the fuel? Do you have a basic understanding of carburetors? Would you be comfortable disassembling yours? Do you have compressed air? Depending on your answers, you may have to recon the carburetor...we await your answers.

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