MTD won't go


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MTD won't go

I'm very new so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have an MTD with a 42" cut- twin cylinder 16hp. Motor starts and runs easily and when I brought it home it moved adn mowed in all gears. then it just stopped. I found the primary drive belt is boken from the engine to the intermedite pulley system. It has upper belt that goes to the rear transmission and lower belt to front or engine. the intermediate appears to be frozen but the middle disk spins. Should the upper and lower disks spin? Can anyone direct em to a schematic? thanks in advance- joe
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That variable pulley stack (intermediate, as you call it) has two needle bearing in it and could be seized up. With both belts well slacked (no tension) you should be able to spin this pulley stack. If not, you'll need to disassemble such and evaluate. The bearings are not available seperately from MTD but you likely can find them at a bearing supply center. If you just want to replace the whole assembly, that is part number 917-0800A. To make things easy for you, MTD designed it so that you need not necessarily have to remove the whole idler arm that the stack is attached to rather the mounting stud to which it attaches is removable by way of a nut on the bottom side of the idler arm or on the top side of the stack, there is a snap ring. Use your judgement for which allows the easiest removal of the stack set. If the pulleys spin with belt slack then you just need to "reset" the variable drive. Start the engine, depress the clutch pedal, place the center shifter lever in Neutral, move the fender shifter in to the top gear, slowly let up on the clutch pedal until fully up. One final need is to slowly move the fender shifter back into 1st or 2nd gear using a feathering motion with the clutch pedal and fender shifter simultaneously. Now place the center shifter in foward and give it a try.

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