B&S 6.75 self propelled z-start mower


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B&S 6.75 self propelled z-start mower


When I tried to start my mower up for the first time this season it started slow but eventually warmed up. Then I mulched a bunch of leaves and now it is really struggling. It has new gas and oil. And I changed the air filter, which was dirty. No smoke, it just won't stay started. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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does it have a fuel filter? if so, change it out. Also drain the carburetor float bowl if possible.
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Quantum? its more then likely got a wire mesh screen in the tank, right where the fuel line connects to at the tank, but in the tank. Shot of carb cleaner from the fuel line nipple or a slosh out of gas to remove anything should clear it, though the tank will have to come off to slosh it out good. But it could also have trash in the carb, also make sure the air filter box is tight to the carb.
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Being a 6.5 horse, this should be an overhead valve Intek series engine. Make sure the spark plug (Champion RC12YC) is gapped at .020". This is critical for good performance. If that doesn't solve the problem, it's time to remove the carburetor and soak & recondition it.
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Keep in mind, briggs offers a quantum from 5.5hp, to 6.75, this is of course a 6.75, though it should have a cover on it saying ohv.

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