MTD Shredder Issue


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MTD Shredder Issue

I have aquired an MTD Shredder with a 5HP Briggs. The engine is Damaged internally. I am attempting to get the shredder Blade removed to gain access to the engine so I can assess the damage.. The bolt that bolts the blade to the shaft has been removed. My question is How do you get the blade/Rotor off? (about 14 inches Dia). Do you use a Puller? I heated it with a torch but it won't budge. Help!
THanks in Advance.

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I'm not absolutely certain, but I believe the engine has a keyed shaft (as opposed to tapered) and therefore merely needs to be pulled off all the way. I've never removed one so I can't imagine a puller large enough to do the job. Good luck and let us know how you make out and how you accomplished it.

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