Karcher pump question


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Karcher pump question

I have a 2400 psi pressure washer that has that surge problem that many have. I have taken the black cap off and pulled the white cover. Inside I find a spring, a brass pin type thing, and then I can see the "spill valve" in the head. I was told to pull it and lube it, but I guess, am I suppose to pull the "spill valve" or was it just the brass thing.

Second quesiton, I pulled the the pump off to get to this easier and while trying to figure out how to pull the spill valve I started unbolting the 4 bolts of the brass head that pulls in the detergent and oil started to leak out. I lost a small plate sized puddle before bolting back together. Now I'm sure this oil is vital, but I have no idea what type of oil and how to get it back in. Here is a link to a pdf cut section of the pump (image 2.2) http://www.pressureparts.com/mmDEV/P....194-505.0.pdf
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Okay, got smart and stood the pump on it's end rather than side and pulled the brass head off. Inside the oil was at the top of of the piston. How high should it be and do I use 30 non detergent? I saw a Karcher chart that said 15w40 put also stated not needed to change (I guess that is why there is no drain).
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Hi, I have this pump too, seems like I have a similar problem with you. This pump sucks!!

I lost pressure and this is how I fixed it..

1) lube the rings in the unloader with white lithium grease

2) I drained the oil inside the pump and filled it with BE pump oil from Home Depot, I couldn't wait until Karcher got back to me. But it works now, so I'm happy.

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A bit different problem

I have the same 24000 you've been talking about, but mine has a different problem. To get pressure I need to remove the nozzle and run water for a few seconds. Then I'll get pressure as long as I engage the trigger. But once I let the trigger go, I have to go through the same procedure to get pressure again. Have you experienced this problem, or any ideas?

I just rebuilt the pump using the Karcher rebuild kit I got from pressureparts.com. So it has good pressure when it is used as above.
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It sounds like an unloader valve problem. Sometimes you have to polish the valve and the bore surfaces to keep them from sticking.

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