Newbie here with a question please


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Newbie here with a question please

I was just given a Sears 5hp B&S power washer. Of course it didn't run but I enjoy bringing things back to life, turns out it has a fuel problem. The pulsa jet carb needs a kit and the fuel tank needs a good cleaning. I found the correct kit for the carb but need to know how to take it down for cleaning. I'm only confused on the long half plastic fuel pick up and the short one that sits in the fuel tank well. A link or explaination would be appreicated. TIA
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Just tear it apart.... For someone that is first doing this though, I suggest pictures of it along the way, for reference.... those two pickup tubes are removable, check for cracks and such in them... I've soaked one for a hour or so while still on the carb, the plastic seems to withstand the carb cleaner. Do soak it in a good carb cleaner for a couple hours, then blow it out after.
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The long tube is the one that allows fuel to be pumped up by the fuel pump into the bowl in the tank. The short one is where the carb meters fuel into the venturi from.
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The carburetor cleaner I use (Napa 6401) will swell the pick-up tubes and if you've ever had to install new ones, you want to avoild this if the tubes are in good shape. Avoid this by soaking for only 15-20 minutes. A new, non-diluted cleaner solution will do the trick in this short period of time.

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