Trouble removing flywheel........need suggestions please!


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Trouble removing flywheel........need suggestions please!

What I'm working on is a Kohler K301. I have removed the spanner nut/washer and attached a puller, as depicted in the service manual, but I cannot, for the life of me, get the flywheel to come off. I applied so much pressure to the wrench that my hand hurts. Had to take a break....... LOL .... Anyone have any suggestions? How 'bout removing the valve springs without the fancy wancy spring compressor? That'd be really helpful too. Thanks a bunch........ALAN

Here's some pic's from when I pulled the heads. Lot's of carbon build up and a slight ring groove. We'll discuss that at a later date though. Enjoy my grief..........LOL

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Well I'm only guessing but if this was me and a flywheel, I'd be hitting it with a really big hammer. You would be best to hit it whilst you have it under pressure with your puller. You haven't got a woodruff key holding it on have you?

Again only a guess but you should be able to remove valve springs without a spring compressor, it's getting them back on again that will be the difficult part.
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Wig is right, with pressure on the flywheel via the puller, whack the puller tensioner bolt (not the flywheel) with a dead-blow hammer. It is tapered and just needs to be scared off the crankshaft. And again, Wig is right about the valves. These likely have taper retainers and you should be able to get them off by using two screwdrivers and prying up the spring enough to remove the wedges (two on each valve stem) and you will definitely have a difficult time installing them this way though. A C-clamp type spring compressor is the way to go.
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Thanks.......but I had already removed the flywheel, the stator, valves, valve springs, bearing plate, crank, and had honed the cylinder before I checked again for replies to this post. The project is really coming along nice, all things considered, but I still have problems that need resolved. Because the ring groove is so minute after honing, I decided to go with it. I hate to hone it out any more for fear of having to sleeve the cylinder. Come to find out, it's already .030 over and I don't have much more room to play. Argh.....LOL....And besides, I don't feel like the groove warants a $125 machine shop sleeve job. I'll take my chances. I should have my 30 year old Allis Chalmers 912 Hydro back in action for around $45-$50............Not bad huh? I'll get back with ya..............Till then, here's some more photo's to show folks my quest to bring life back to "The Iron Beast"............Thanks and enjoy...........ALAN

<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">

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