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Cool Carb Adjustment

I have a homelite chainsaw xl mod #ut10655, it was full with old gas, so i dumped it, tore down the carb and cleaned it good. [there was solid matter in it and was full of varnish]put every thing back together and started it up.starts up on the first try always, but cuts out after about 30 secs, seems as if the carb needs adjustment. the carb is a zama carb, [thats what the parts list calls it] it has two adjustment screws one marked ''L'' and the other ''h''. How do you go about adjusting this type carb? when its running its sputtering.I used carb cleaner gum out to clean the carb. it wasn't running when I got it.Thanks for any help.
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Generally, start with each adjustment at 1-1/4 turns out from seated. You will need to do a final adjustment once the engine is warmed up. Sputtering will indicate a rich mixture and therefore means you would need to turn the High speed needle in just a bit.

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