John Deere L110 Carb Problem?


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John Deere L110 Carb Problem?

Iv'e had my L110 for about 3 years. I do residential mowing with it and it has about 250 hours on it. I keep it tuned up In accordance with the hour meter, (oil/filters/plug, etc..) It is the 17hp Kohler. My problem is the last couple times I have used it, it seems to lack power on hills, and the idle speed fluctates. It hasn't set for any length of time, I used it quite a bit through the winter. Sometimes it seems either the engine speed slows or will overrev from what the normal idle is. HELP!
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You may have two problems. The lack of power on hills may be that the transmission drive belt is slipping OR it may be related to the following... The fluctuations you refer to is what we call a governor hunt or surging. This is as a result of the carburetor being lean. It's time to remove the carburetor and soak it in a quality bath type cleaner (I like Napa #6401) and rebuild it with a genuine Kohler carb kit. 250 hours is alot of time on an engine and drive train and this would be normal service items for such hours. See your Deere dealer for the needed parts.

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