Changing oil


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Changing oil

I have a GTS Toro 6.5 Horse Power Lawnmower, Model 20016 with a Tecumseh engine that I bought from a Garage Sale.
Please advise where the Oil Drain plug is located because I cant seem to find it under neath the Mower. Also what type of oil and how many Quarts will I need?
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Some mowers don't have drain plugs. Saves the manufacturer may 50 cents (bless their hearts). You may have to tip the mower on it's side to drain it. Best to do when almost out of gas, to prevent gas running out of the tank and all over the mower.
Not sure on capacity, but the pros will pop up soon and let you know.
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some mower drain plugs don't use standard wrenches, the plug is designed to be used with either a 3/8 or 1/2 in socket wrench. if you can find a circle with a square inside it, just snap on a socket wrench and remove it
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Should be 20 ounces of oil, don't add a whole quart, just keep filling and checking the dipstick, till its to the full mark.
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20oz., 30 wt.detergent API sf,sg,sh,sj,sl,or higher.

Sparkplug should be champion RJ19LM,or Tecumseh #35395,
.030" gap.

Turn mower on side with the air filter "up",remove oil fill cap and drain in a proper container and dispose properly.

I have the same model that takes a type "c" air filter.
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If you read most owners manuals they usualy say to pull out the dip stick and drain out the oil by tipping it up. Running the engine to heat up the oil helps alot before draining. Also gas will run all over when you tip it up so run it out or pour it back in your can. Also one thing I found about these engines is they are easy to put to much oil it. The dipstick tube is to narrow and you cant tell where your at easily. So pour some in and wait for it to settle before adding more. I found setting the oil bottle in the sun helps warm it up and it settles quicker.

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