power chain saw question


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power chain saw question

My impression is that, when it comes to the home use type gas chain saws, the new chain blade seems to last quite awhile. Then, once it goes dull, and you get it sharpened, it cuts great for a few whacks, then is dull again, almost immediately.

If this indeed is the case at large, then maybe the answer is simply to have a big roll of chain blade handy. Make up a new blade each time the old one dulls, and discard the old one.

For me, it isn't the money so much as it is I really can't afford for my chain to go dull quickly. I need a bit more longevity out of whatever I'm using to cut with.

Is having a roll and chain breaker stuff handy a good way to go to avoid short life spans of resharpened blades.
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Do the research, Buy QUALITY files & guides & sharpen them yourself. If you're not cutting wood that's been skidded thru sand or mud, a properly filed chain should last as long as a new one.I cut 10 FULL cord of wood a year & only file a chain 3 or 4 times. I trust your oiling system is O.K. & the plates on each side of the bar are on correctly??? Try oregon.com for tips & make sure to inspect & dress the edges of the bar as required

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