mower wont fire


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mower wont fire

Here is the skinny...Craftsman 6.0 hp b&S. pull to start wont fire up. Replaced plug no luck. New oil and gas still no luck. When I spray some starter fluid, it kicks in for a few seconds and then dies. My grass want to be cut. Can anyone help?????Thanks Mike
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The fact that when you spray starter fluid in it and it kicks off for a second or two tells me that the problem is in the fuell system.You added fresh fuel,but your carb is glogged.take the nut off the boul first and clean the little tiny hole in-between the threads,and the top (well) in the nut too.If this doesn't work then you'll have to take the carb.totally apart and clean out from the fuel inlet velve.caution-when ever doing this take all plastic and rubber parts out b 4 useing anything strong to soak

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