Issue starting Troy-Built Bronco Tractor


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Issue starting Troy-Built Bronco Tractor

I have a one year old Bronco tractor with a Briggs and Statton engine. The battery died last year and was replaced. When I try to start the tractor (following all instructions), the tractor only makes a clicking noise from the rear of the machine. The sparkplug is new (replaced with the same model plug that came from the engine). This machine has an electic start unit on the engine. I have been able to start the mower by jumping with a vehicle. Last weekend I jumped the mower with the car and was able to run the mower. I jumped the mower for at least 1 HR from the vehicle. As soon as the engine is stopped it will not restart. Any thoughts on the issue?
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judging by your decription of your problem,sounds to me like ether the starting solenoid isn't working,you've got a short in the eletronic system or the tractors alt.isn't putting enough (or any) juice back into the battery.Test the battery and the wires coming from the alt.with an ohm metter.

A clicking sound useally means that your solenoid switch isn't working.espeailly when you can jump it off,thow.
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It sounds like either a bad battery, or the the battery is in fact dead from not being charged by the engine.... but make sure the cables are good and tight, and not corroded.....

You can still jump it and it runs? I'm leaning towards the engine not charging the battery.
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You didn't provide the engine ID numbers but I'll guess you have one of the engines that had a bad batch of camshafts whereas the compression release mechanism fails and creates excessive combustion pressure (due to the intake valve failing to open slightly on the compression stroke during start sequence (under 400 rpm's)) and the starter and battery cannot overcome this pressure. The owner knows no better and keeps right on cranking the thing and it ruins the battery and possibily the starter.

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