4 stroke weed eaters?


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4 stroke weed eaters?

Anyone try one of these yet? Would be nice just to have one gas can around
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I have recently gotten a Honda and I'd say the jury is still out.

My first impressions are that it: starts easy, it's reativley quiet, has a less annoying tone, heavy, lacks power and is expensive. It's the beginning of the season so I have only used it for about an hour. I think it has less power but I'm not sure I'm just not used to the 4 stroke power curve versus a 2 stroke.
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I have a 4 stroke and I've been satisified with the engine. I'm not satisfied with other parts of it, but that's not what you asked.
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Yeah, seen em around, briggs has a small 4 stroke engine out, so does honda.. last time I was out to lowes, mtd had some 4 stroke troybilt trimmers.
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It's a pretty redundant idea IMO.
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My suggestion is, unless you live in California and must use one, don't buy one. Just my suggestion. Seen many at my shop, FYI.
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My thoughts exactly, I COULD have gotten a 4 cycle when I bought a new weeder last year..... but I like 2 cycles better on a trimmer. They are lighter, and basically have the same power.... I don't find it hard to remember to put the oil in the gas either...
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I've got the 31cc Honda, 1.5hp. I find it a bit heavier than others, but not too bad. It starts easily,runs quiet & has enough TORQUE to mow anything I've tried. This will be my 3rd summer with it & I'll never own another 2 stroker. Just my 2 pennies Roger

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