Rider mower keeps shutting down


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Rider mower keeps shutting down

I have a Sears rider mower LT 1000. Whenever i take my foot off the brake or engage the mower deck, the engine shuts down. I have replaced 3 safety switches with no change. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Does it have a fuel shutoff solenoid? Push come to shove. If you need it, you can pull the kill wire off the engines coil..., I woulda said a bad switch, but it does this with new ones.... I have no idea maybe a short in the wiring maybe...
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You say you replaced three, but not if you replaced the same one thrice or if you replaced all three. Which is true? And even if you replaced all three doesn't necessarily mean you solved the trouble. You may have a bracket weld broke free and the tab associated with such switch may not be making contact with the switch. And, as V8 mentioned, you may have a dead short (bare wire) somewhere. Anything electrical requires a systematic process of elimination as well as a good visual inspection of the complete circuit.
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I replaced 3 different switches. The seat, brake and mower deck. I think a short in the system is what i have. I'll keep looking. Thanks
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Steve, I know where your problem lies. It's in the connector to your seat switch. Lift the seat and look at the switch. I bet you can push the connector onto it just a tad, and when you let go, it back out a little. This connector has a plunger in it, between the two spade connections. There is a bump on the seat switch that depresses this plunger. It doesn't take much for this to become inoperative. The plunger creates a short between the two terminals in the connector, and bypasses the seat switch. It actually completes the circuit as if no one was on the seat. Usually you can use a cable tie to squeeze the connector onto the switch tighter, or you can dig the plunger and the wire spring out of the connector.
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That makes a lot of sense. After fooling around with that switch, it ran for a while then shut down. I think i will get rid of the connector altogether and wire directly to the switch. Thanks Cheese.

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