Stihl Fs110r Sweeper


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Stihl Fs110r Sweeper

Good Morning,
I Have A Stihl Fs110r Sweeper That Needed A New Piston And Cylinder,so I Figured I Would Try It. More Than I Expected, But I Finally Got It Together Correctly?
Will Not Start ---carb Gets Fuel,but Doesn't Seem To Get To Cylinder. The Pist/cylin Came With Valves Installed,but Had To Reuse Push Rods, And Rockers. Of Course Being Stihl I Can't Get Any Answers From A Dealer Or Stihl Because I Am Not A Dealer And So On.
Any Help Would Be Appreciated.
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Hi, OK RANGER12 let me ask you some questions,so I'm cought up to speed.
1 - Are you getting any compression?100+ pounds

2 - When you took the engine apart did you take the coil off,if so see if you are getting any spark from the plug wire?if not clean coil and flywheel magnet and gap to where you can get a business card between them."Spark should be blue in color and strong.

3 - Did you get the carburetor on right?The cylinder has a small hole in it where the carburetor goes,this hole has to line up with hole in carb.This passsage "MUST"be clear.The gasket must not bolck this hole up.

4 - Is fuel lines coming from fuel tank going to the right hookups on the carb.

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