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New lawn tractor...

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04-14-06, 07:27 AM   #1  
New lawn tractor...

I’m looking at buying my first lawn tractor sometime this summer (Depending on which one I chose and how much I need to save first) I’m tired of spending several hours a week mowing with a push mower. I’ll be mowing about ½ acre that has 1 side hill – not to steep should be able to mow parallel or perpendicular to it without a problem and some trees to go around that have 3-4foot rings around them. Living in MN I would only be using it for 5-6 months a year. Other than mowing it might get used to push/pull a dethatcher, aerator, roller, but mostly mowing once a week. No winter use. I’m looking for something that will last and be cost effective – in other words I’m willing to spend more now if it saves me money and down time over 10-15 years but I don’t want to pay extra if the lower priced item will reliably meet my needs over the same time frame.

Right now I’m leaning towards a smaller Craftsman with automatic transmission or the Simplicity Regent line which seems to cost about $500 - $1500+ more than the Craftsman models.

Which would you pick and why?

Other options to consider or things to look for in General?

Thanks for any ideas and sorry for the long post.

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04-14-06, 08:04 PM   #2  
1/2 a acre is more then enough for a craftsman, they do good for what they cost (they are made by ayp, owned by electrolux, and they make husqvarna)... Btw, I see a couple people that use craftsmans as commercial mowers running around, havn't complained much... I own a 05 lt2000, only problems is a sqeaky hood.

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04-15-06, 07:50 PM   #3  
I personally would also go with the craftsman based on my experiences. This is not to say simplicity isn't a good machine though. I think you'll be happy with either, but the craftsmans are cheaper initially, and parts are generally cheaper, and quality is usually good for the price you pay. I'd suggest a hydro tranny and electric PTO.

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04-16-06, 06:59 AM   #4  

Thanks for the input, I'd heard the Simplicity are a heavier duty tractor but I figured with the name and initial price came the more expensive repair parts in the future. I was pretty sure my relatively limited and light use wouldn't wear out a Craftsman but wanted to be sure.

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