2 Cycle Engine Spark Plug test


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2 Cycle Engine Spark Plug test

Hello there... I have a problem starting my 2 cylinder gas trimmer... I would like to get your assistance to make sure I am correctly testing the spark plug (I don't see a spark after doing the following): I removed the spark plug cable from the spark plug, removed the spark plug from the engine block, connected back the spark plug cable to spark plug, ground spark plug thread to engine block and pulled starter rope handle... no joy.
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Try testing the plug on an engine you know has spark(lawn mower,car,pickup).
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Also to find out if you're getting any spark from the engine itself by holding the spark plug termial about 3/8 inch from the cylinder and notice if there's a blue spark and a kwick snap when you pull the sterter rope.
If not unplug the ground wire from the coil and try again. If not this time take coil off clean rust and any other debres from legs of coil,and also the magnet on the flywheel with sand paper, put coil back on and gap it to where you can get a business card between them,if no spark this time the coil needs replacing
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2 Cycle Engine spark plug test

OK... I have done first the easiest way recommended... I have checked the spark plug in my lawn mower and it works perfect there... now I will follow the process given by repair_guy to check the coil (rust), flywheel, etc trying to find out why I don't get the spark in my 2 cycle engine...thanks guys!
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I am not much on 2-cycle engines,,,but make sure you have it switched on,,,,I have pulled many time with the switch not on...it won't start..lol....it could be the kill switch...my guess would be the coil..it seems to go out a lot on 2 cycles but then again i haven't worked on to many of them..

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