Chainsaw Throttle Craftsman


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Chainsaw Throttle Craftsman

I have a model 358350380 18" Craftsman chainsaw

The saw has run great for 8-10 yrs but last week after operating fine for three days it started to stall while idling and started to become troublesome when starting.

The air filter was very dirty (never cleaned) so I cleaned the filter and flushed the carborator with gas but it still stalls while idling. The spark plug looks fine.

I cleaned the "fuel pickup assembly" inside the gas tank with fine grit sand paper. But the unit still continues to stall while idling.

The starting problem is resolved if I manually hold the throttle in all the way.

Any ideas on what to try next?
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Most likely a Walbro carb on this saw. The model number of the carb is stamped on the side--right next to the high and low fuel adjustment screws.

Probably starts with HDA and then a 2 or 3 digit number.

HDA 137
HDA 48


Locate the carb number and go down to the local small engine store and buy a carb rebuild kit for it. Shouldn't be more than $10--$15

There are usually 2 removable plates on a Walbro carb. One on each side. There are going to be 2 gaskets under each plate. One of these gaskets will be VERY THIN and probably stuck to the thicker gasket--so if you didn't know that there was 2 gaskets in there--you'd probably never see it. Pay special attention to the order in which these gaskets are set on the carb. If you get them backwards, it will run like a garbage disposal with an axe handle stuck inside.

Replace the main jet. It's a round or hex shaped needle thats stuck under a little lever. This is the metering lever. It looks like a tiny teeter-totter with a fork on 1 end. There is a small phillips screw holding it in place and a VERY TINY spring under it. When you pull the phillips screw out--the spring goes flying across the room--never to be found. You don't get a new spring with the carb rebuild kit--so don't loose it. Be carefull when you take the phillips screw out of the metering lever. I suggest you do this in a cardboard box and pay close attention. If you lose that spring--your screwed. Replace the main jet and put it all back together in reverse order.

Other than rebuilding the carb, I couldn't really say whats wrong with it. Spark plug is light tan in color--not white or black?

Does this saw have points under the magneto? I haven't seen a modern Craftsman with points, but some older saws had points and a condensor under the magneto. It's easy to check--just look for a black or red wire running down from the coil and under the magneto. If there's a wire running under the magneto--then it's got points. You may have to pull the magneto off and check the gap on them.

Hope this helps.
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The spark plug wasn't white or black. It looks fine.

Very details and looks like fun to try the repair. Thanks for the help.

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