Riding Mower trouble


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Riding Mower trouble

Help...I have a Huskee brand riding lawn mower. I just started it up for the first time this spring, and it runs great. BUT when I engaged the mower, it started squealing, some smoke came out from, and it smelled like rubber burning. I checked under the deck and made sure that the blades could move freely, and everything is clear around the belt. Can anyone tell me if it sounds like a worn belt or if things just need to be greased up?
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limited help...

I don't know much about tractors but from an automotive side you have 1 of 3 problems it sounds like.
1 - belt is old and stretched so there is a lot of slippage when you engage the mower deck causing the belt to smoke and squeal.
2 - one of the pulleys isn't moving freely or is pinching the belt causing it to bind
3 - the tensioner pulley (if there is one) isn't properly tensioning the belt causing it to act like the belt is to big.

If you've check the path of the belt and all the pulleys are moving freely and not pinching the belt, I'd guess you need a new belt.

Like I said in the beginning that's my automotive knowledge moved to a mower deck so I could be wrong.

Good luck!
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Your deck likely has brakes related to the spindle bearing assemblies and you will need to disengage these as well as all belt tension and check spindle assembly and the idler pulley for binding. My guess is that you'll find one or more of the spindles setting up and you will need to replace any that are so. And just a lesson on belt "streching". Belts do strech but if it does it will have two ends. People commonly think a belt has streched when they lose tension when the fact is that the belt has worn. What happens is that the V portion of the belt wears through normal useage and then it will set deeper in the pulley groove giving the impression that the belt has lenghtened (streched). Unless the belt is made up of only rubber compounds (and they're not) it will break when it streches due to the fact that the cords (either nylon or kevlar, most commonly) will not sustain streching as they are rather fragile in this respect. Just a little FYI. And by the way, you had better replace the belt since it has smoked.
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Thanks for the advice! The hubby is gone hunting, so I wanted to make sure that I had a good idea of what he might need to fix it when he gets back.
Thanks again!

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