Directions on rebuilding a carburetor


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Directions on rebuilding a carburetor

I have an echo edger (PE-2000) that has a shalaked carb. It spits gas out of the muffler when attempting to start. I found a site that detailed with pictures the steps to rebuild a small carb for a 2 stroke engine, but forgot to bookmark it.

Does anyone have links to a site like that? or can anyone posts the steps to rebuild a carb for a 2 stroke engine?


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Remove the fuel pump side cover (typically, one screw), remove the gasket and diaphragm , remove the inlet screen, remove the metering side cover (typically, four screws - may be only two), remove the diaphragm and gasket, remove the screw retaining the inlet needle (four items, total, will be involved here - inlet needle, lever, lever pin and screw), if able, remove the two adjusting needles (if an adjustable carburetor), carefully scrape any remaining gasket material off all surfaces (metering, fuel pump, intake and cleaner (where applicable)) and soak the carburetor, as is, for 10-15 minutes in a quality bath cleaner (I like Napa #6401). Spray off with a good spray cleaner (I like Briggs # 100042), blow off with compressed air and recondition with the proper rebuild kit. Post back with the carburetor make and model & serial numbers and I can provide the correct kit number you will need. You will also need to get a new intake gasket and cleaner gasket (if used).

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