B&S 15.5 mounting holes


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B&S 15.5 mounting holes

First of all, I am not a mechanic, but can turn a wrench.

My 28N707-0115 engine was froze. Got it unfroze and ran again for about 2 years. It quit last year. After reading the posts in here I want to just buying a new one.

I have been looking and found one with engine mounting hoes as described below.
The mounting holes measure 7 1/16 inches center to center(front to back) and 7 5/8 inches center to center(side to side).

My mounting holes vary. Left front to back 5 7/8 inches, right front to back 7 1/8 inch, and side to side 7 7/8.

I talked with another person selling 28N707 and he told me that all 28N707's had the same mounting pattern.

When I talked to the B&S dealer in town, he told me that he could sell me the newer H model engine for $900 and did not know the measurements for the 28N707.

So which is it - are they all the same? does my old block just have a different base? are they not telling the complete truth?

There are already 2 sets of holes in my base and none of them match this pattern.

Can someone give me some advice?
I know I can drill new holes, but one will be partially in the other hole when i try to line it all up. I like my mower alot and want to keep it.
Do I buy the engine and make it work?

some one play the father figure and tell me what they would do.

Thanks a ton.
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I can't be totally positive but i think they are the same...I have change out Briggs engines and they have had the same pattern...if not drill holes to fit...if you have to do this try and make sure to line up one of the front holes so the belts will be the same..you will just have to do some more measuring...measure the new engine if he has one in stock..
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As far as I know, all vertical shaft engines in the 280000 series have the same bolt pattern. You can do better than $900. Shop around.
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thanks guys.
i was glad to get the conformation from you cheese.
cougar, the tip for staying up front is well received.
makes total sense, but sometimes those small things are overlooked early in the process.

there is a place i can get it for $400.
the new model B&S was $900.

I am going to get it and see what happens.

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