Honda Mower issue


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Honda Mower issue

My neighbour has a Honda RHU194 mower. The motor is either a GXV140 or GXV120.

The mower only runs when the choke is on and in the normal run throttle position the engine surges back and forth for a while and then eventually stalls, it does not run at full speed.

When the engine surges the throttle valve oscillates as if the govenor is not working or as if there is some feedback loop. If I manually hold the throttle valve and stop the oscillations in the mid point I can get it to run OK.

Is this a govenor issue or a carb issue. I havnt had time for a good look at the motor. Can anyone explain how the govenor works as I cant see where the linkages go without pulling the motor apart, is any adjustment there to be made.

Thanks, he is an old guy 88 and I would like to help him out but dont want to spend all weekend and dont want to totally stuff up his mower and then have to pay for somone to fix it.


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I think you'll have to pull the carb apart & clean it. the governor won't work right 'till the carb works as it should. If you can, soak it in the cleaner that purey uses after removing all the plastic pieces or carefully clean all the passages with a fine wire, blowing them out with compressed air & carb cleaner after.
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i will have to agree with hopkinsr2...when you put your finger to hold the throttle you are also partly choking sounds like a definite carb job...if it is like the engine i think it is be sure intake gasket is lined up to match the breather hole or it can't get the fuel that it needs...if someone has already taken carb of you need to check the intake gasket for correct installation....
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other info

Thanks guys

by the way, I'm in Australia, so the mower is used every week and we dont seem to get the fuel issues caused by having a mower in storage over winter.

I will have a look this weekend.

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