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Lawn Mower Brands

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Join Date: Oct 2004
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04-21-06, 04:56 AM   #1  
Lawn Mower Brands

Just trying to get a quick poll of suggested riding lawn mower brands to review. Since I only plan on using it to cut, I just need a basic model.

I'm leaning toward Deere, but might just cheap out and go lawn-man or yard-man from wally world.

Any suggestions?

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Join Date: Feb 2006
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04-21-06, 06:08 AM   #2  
My dad was always a huge fan of all Craftsman products and I moved our lawn with our Craftsman mowers for years and years. I just ordered a new lawn mower myself Wed (didn't need a tractor) and went with Craftsman. In most cases Craftsman mowers are less expensive than other mowers and I've seen them last for years (decades even).

So my vote...Craftsman.

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04-21-06, 06:17 AM   #3  
What's your yard like?

You might have better luck posting this down a few topics in the outdoor power equipment section. I've got a few posts down there looking for info too.

I've been doing a lot of looking this winter/spring too. A few things to ask yourself first - what's the area like you are going to be mowing - flat, hilly, large and wide open, lots of trees or obstacles to go around?

A few things I wanted in the tractor - full pressure oil lubrication not just splash lubrication. Full pressure helps keep the engine better lubricated and it will last longer - most have full pressure but if you go for the cheaper ones at Walmart, HD, Lowes, etc. they might be splash.

An Electric PTO will help improve belt life and is just a little more convenient.

Does the mower cut in reverse? Most you see do but not all.

I am leaning towards a Simplicity Regent with a 38" deck and a 12" turning radius - it costs a bit more but I like the smaller deck and tight turning radius for my yard and I like the full width deck rollers - I'm also hoping to still be using it in 20 years rather than have to replace it. If I had a larger, open, flat yard I'd probably save money and go with the Cub Cadet from Home Depot.

Good luck in your search and check out the outdoor power equipment topic - I've posted a few questions about new tractors there in the last two weeks with good answers.

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04-21-06, 09:00 AM   #4  
Just about all brands at a given price will be comparable in quality and features. I'd go sit on the various models and see what fits. What is great for a 5'-7" left handed person won't necessarily work well with a 6'-3" right handed person. Should be easy to get on and off of. Should have enough leg room, back support, have the controls laid out so you can easily reach and use them. Will anyone else use this machine? Will it fit them and will they have the strength to raise and lower the mower deck? Is it easy to check the oil? Easy to refuel?(some models have the fuel cap located close to being under the seat and may not be compatible with larger fuel cans) Will you need a tight turning radius to navigate around your landscaping? Will it fit in the shed and through any gates you might have? Some mowers are 54" wide not including the discharge chute and need a big door. And where will it be serviced? Got a good dealer nearby? Or will you have to do business with Clem and Flem, the "Broke it" brothers?

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04-21-06, 11:08 AM   #5  
The sears (ayp made) craftsman mowers are good quality for the money.... I'm one who doesn't like mtds (lowes and home depot sold toros are mtds) They look cheap..... but you should get a few years out of it... btw, the sears models should have it listed right on them if they have that ROS system.... (reverse operation system).

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Join Date: Oct 2004
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04-24-06, 11:46 AM   #6  
Went with a craftsman, fwiw. Comes Wed.
They have a sale right now, about 200-400 dollars off depending on the model. Couldn't pass that up. I also got a grill with all the money I "saved"

I'll post if I have any trouble with it.

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04-25-06, 01:56 AM   #7  
Congrats on the new mower! I hope it gives you years of satisfaction.

"Who is John Galt?" - Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

God bless!

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04-28-06, 01:07 PM   #8  
I mow my 1 1/2 acre lot weekly with a Simplicity riding mower, model year 1970. It still looks and works great, and except for a new engine, it has had nothing but routine maintenance over all these years.
Simplicity makes their products to last a loooong time.

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04-29-06, 07:43 PM   #9  
The newer Zero-Turns are awesome.

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