Craftsman 25cc Line Trimmer question.


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Craftsman 25cc Line Trimmer question.

Does anyone have a 25cc convertible line trimmer by Crafstman that has used it with the tiller attachment? I have a garden that my neighbor tilled already and I would like to maintain it. I would rather buy the attachment and save some money than buy a tiller.

I'm worried that the 25cc motor isn't strong enough but if the dirt is already loose then maybe it would work, at least that's what the salesman told me.

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Yes,if the dirt is already lose this unit makes quick work of working a garden.You can get almost as close as a hoe,and it doesn't take near as long.
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Good to hear So I shouldn't have to worry about working this sized motor too hard?

Thanks for the reply!
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I've got a Toro and use the tiller attachment and it works great. I don't think I'd use it for my whole yard but my small garden is great for it.

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