speed ? on lawn tractor


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Smile speed ? on lawn tractor

hello, i have a riding lawn mower and was wondering if there's a way to make it go faster. it's a 26hp 50 in. huskee with the speed controlled by the foot pedal. any ideas ? thanks
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Hmmm, let's think, 26 HP 50"deck, John Deere makes a 250 HP tractor that will pull a 12 foot mower. How fast & how much do ya wanna mow??
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They cut the best at the speed they are limited to.
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A pulley change might be possible, You would need to have one fabricated because you probably can not buy one from the manufacturer and just drop the parts in. Also you risk having trouble with the variable ratio mechinism if the belts don't land up with the correct tension. Not worth the effort IMO.

If you need more speed, trade it in on a commercial mower.

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