Honda Lwn Mwr Drain Oil?


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Honda Lwn Mwr Drain Oil?

I have a friend who sent me this question.
" have a simple ? im trying to change the oil on a push mower and cant find the drain plug. can you help? the model # is BRI5553A. Its a honda engine. this is all the information that i have."

I don't have a clue, anyone know how to do this?
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Only really two places it could be - on top of the mowing deck near where the engine is mounted to the deck or under the deck. Shouldn't be hard to locate. Worst case if it can't be located, remove the filler plug and tip the mower to drain. Not nearly as good as using the drain plug; has to have one.
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oil drain

Thanks TowGuy

I'll pass on the info.
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You can just drain it out the fill tube. If it has a drain plug, it would be on the underside. Probably a plug that takes a 3/8" ratchet square drive to remove it.
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what he said

the mower should have one ether made of plastic of metal the plastic one will be shaped like a bolt and have a square hole in the middle some metal ones you need a alain wench to remove i had one like that on a old craftsman but i did not have the right size if you can't find the drain plug just tip it on its side and drain it that way from the filler tube thats what is says to do in the manual also some gas will leak out from the gas cap i use a pie pan to collect it and put it back in the tank.
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Lawnmower drain

OK, he found the plug, now he is a happy mower! Thanx for all the help. Nothin worse than watchin the grass grow!

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