Leaf blowers


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Leaf blowers

I'm now looking to see if it's worth purchasing a leaf blower to help clean the driveway and walks after mowing the lawn. Any recommendations? I'm usually looking at the Craftsman products but not sure on what size motor, 25cc or 32cc? I know there's cheaper ones out there but only produce 150mph vs 200mph or more. Do I really need a 200mph blower?

If it's anything like with my cars then I know you can never have enough power!!!!

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I generally like craftsman products as far as value goes, but for 2 stroke equipment, I tend to lean towards Echo, or another higher end product. It'll cost you more to begin with, but save you headaches and hassles and money in the long run.
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If you're handy and you have alot of patience, the Craftsman is fine. You will forever be servicing the rewind starter and it is on the bottom of the engine...a foolish place for such. The position of it in relation to the engine and the lack of good cooling make it apt to overheat and warp rendering it useless as well as the old law of gravity. Debris will always fall into it and clog it up and cause it to bind or act lazy. The other thing is that the carburetor isn't the easiest to access which is another very common trouble with all handheld, two stroke equipment. I like the Echo PB-200 or 210. Both are simple to work on and have plenty of CFM's for the average user.
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I bought the echo blower last year that also will mulch leaves. Haven't used that option yet but as for the blower it's great and has been very reliable "for 1 year old it better be".

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