Chainsaw Oiler Mystery


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Chainsaw Oiler Mystery

I'm refurbishing my father's old Homelite 240. After rebuilding carb, runs great as long as no oil is in oil tank. About 30 seconds after filling oil tank, the following occur:
1. engine begins to spit back intermittently.
2. engine begins to slow and finally stalls.
3. oil begins to leak from somewhere under the engine, not from the oil port; collects under saw.
4. Very difficult to restart engine.
Oiler is visibly supplying oil to bar; all tubes are in place; no visible external damages.
Any ideas?
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Are the tiny vent valves installed in the side of the tanks? They are very easily lost whenever the recoil housing is removed. I dislodged them by simply cleaning the sawdust off the tank with a soft brush. You can find the holes they mount in about an inch below the fuel and oil caps, under the recoil housing. Replace them if they are more than 5 years old, regardless of how they look. The Homelite number is probably 98819 [duck bill valve][Quantity 2] but just about any good mower shop will have them as an aftermarket part. [ I am assuming the part number since I do not have the model number of your saw.]

Also, it could be the oil pump leaking. It is mounted under the air cleaner cover/ hand guard, at the upper left by one screw. It is possible the diaphram in the pump is leaking oil allowing the chain oil to be sucked into the engine.

Next I would suspect the lines leaking where they come through the tank sides. Did you do any repair to the fuel lines when you did the carb repair? If not, it is probably time to replace them all. The clutch has to come off in order for you to slide the saw apart enough to access all your lines. Also replace your impulse line, the larger line from the motor to the oil pump. If the impulse leaks air you will get a running problem because of the air leaking in, changing the air fuel ratio.
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Initially, I'd say you have a heavy fuel/oil mixture (or improperly mixed) and excessive engine oil is in the crankcase. Furthermore, the carburetor is likely in need of reconditioning.
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You could help us narrow this down by letting us know if the oil that is leaking out is chain oil or is it the oil you are mixing with the gasoline. If you think it is the pre-mix oil, unburned oil is probably dripping out of the muffler and running anywhere it can inside the bottom of the case until it runs out the bottom.Please give us more details about the repairs you have already attempted.

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