Homelite Timberman 45 saw won't start


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Homelite Timberman 45 saw won't start

Hi, all I have a Homelite Timberman 45 saw that just won't start. I have checked spark and have a nice blue spark on the plug. Also have emptied the full tank and put new fuel in and also cleaned the carb. Saw is getting gas to the cylinder and plug is firing but no matter what I do it will not start. What could be the problem? Help, i don't have the cash to buy a new saw and have about 10 dead trees that I have to take down.

Jeff Banko
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Since I don't know your service practices at all, the first thing that comes to mind is trouble with the piston and/or cylinder. I'd pull the muffler off and have a look at such. No signs of scratches/scoring should be seen. Bear in mind that this will not give you a full view of the piston and cylinder but will give you an idea of their condition, hopefully.
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check the valves

how old is the saw could lose of compression remove the spark plug and put you finger on the spark pluge hole it should try to pull you finger in on the down stroke and push you finger out on the up if neather happens than it has no compression and the piston rings could be bad or the valves are not moving if you know how to remove the cylender head check to see if any of the valves are stuck if they are we will go from there one thing at a time.
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There are no valves in a two stroke engine. Vafishing, be sure to check the muffler itself, while off, for any obstruction (carbon build-up) on the outlet screen or the port that mates up to the cylinder.

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