Please help with my craftsman mower 536.255870


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Please help with my craftsman mower 536.255870

I was left a craftsman mower 536.255870 and simply can't get it to start. we've put a new battery, added oil, checked the gas, checked the starter... the only thing we can't find is the fuse box. of course i have no manual to go with the mower, so if anyone can help me i would so appreciate it
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does the starter turn the motor over when you try to start it?
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when the key is turned nothing happens, it just says to check the start sequence. it seems as though there is no connection between the starter and the battery.
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In line with the positive cable from the battery, to starter, you'll se a solenoid (has two posts on it) make sure you have no gas or anything flammable on you or smell gas, turn the key to the on position and jump this solenoid with a screwdriver (it'll spark now!) and see if it'll turn over, if it turns over and..... fires up, see if it'll run good. If it doesn't fire but DOES turn over, try some starting fluid down the carb, if it turns over and fires, its a fuel problem. If it turns over and still doesn't fire, pull the kill wire off the ignition coil under the shroud (has the spark plug wire out of it) and try again. If it doesn't fire even with starting fluid, it could be the coil.... along with the solenoid that needs replacing. If it does fire (keep in mind you'll have to have the seat switch engaged and the clutch/brake depressed and deck off when you normally go to start it) it could be a kill switch is bad (or grounding out to the frame). Also theres the possibility of a bad key switch or loose wire.

What brand engine?
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Slow down a bit. I assume because you are looking for a fusebox, you think the problem is electrical. Did you make sure the mower deck control is disengaged and are you sitting on the seat with the clutch petal depressed when you attempt to start your mower? I know this may sound like I am treating you like a second grader, but not at all. I have seen professionals rip into a machine and replace lots of parts overlooking the basics.

If you are following the correct procedure and get no results, you will need a test light. At the base of the solenoid there is a third wire. Remove this wire from it's post and hook up your testlight to the wire. [Connect other end of testlight to chassis ground.] Sit on the machine, depress the clutch and try to start the machine. IF the testlight lights up, all your safety switches and the key switch are all right. If not, you must check all the safety switches for function. Next check the solenoid. Remove the wire running to the starter. Put your testlight on the post you just removed the wire from. Now, using a jumper wire from the small post of the solenoid to the other large post with the battery wire still connected, see if the testlight lights when you make contact. If so, the solenoid is good. [The solenoid must be grounded so you can not perform this test on the workbench.] If all is testing good so far, it's time to test the starter itself.

By the way, there generally is no fuse box. If anything, you may find an inline fuse holder.
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thank you all for your help. i decided to go the easy way out and buy a new mower. i did find the solenoid, but it is very difficult to get to with hands and tools.
thanks again.

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