High reving briggs and stratton.


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High reving briggs and stratton.

This riding lawnmower 16.5hp model 313777 type 0163-e5 has a high rpm problem and the motor is a briggs and stratton. I believe it has a Walbro carburetor and not sure how it works.On the very bottom of the bowl there is a part that has two electric wires going to it and that part screws to the bowl and tightens the bowl to the carb (is the part a fuel pump)?.The first swing baffle going into the carb is the choke that i can understand, but the next swing baffle is the throttle and when i move that by hand when engine is running nothing happens .When i move throttle arm up to fast does that cause more gas to flow (but how)? Even turning idle screw has no bearing on high idle. bernie
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What is the "high rpm problem" you mentioned? Is the engine running too fast (high rpm's). Does the engine have trouble getting up to speed (cannot rev. all the way up)? Does the engien sputter and miss or start surging at high rpm's?
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high revs

The engine starts right up ,but very high rpms,no spuddering,no missing,and moving any linkage on carb does nothing. Now the choke will stall it ,but thats it. What causes more gas to flow in carb? something has to meter off the flow of gas from the bowl as in a lowering of speed I would think. bernie
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With choke open and engine stopped, see if you can see the throttle butterfly,what you call a swing baffle, move while moving throttle linkage on outside of carb ie: the arm throttle butterfly shaft is attached to. If this seems to be OK, check for a leak where intake manifold attaches to eng block. Tho they are usually hard to start if this occurs.
Hope this helps,
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Sounds to me like the screw holding the throttle plate in place has come out, and the butterfly is not opening or closing. Do not run it this way, because the engine may suck in these parts and have a catastrophic failure. Check the throttle plate.
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high revs

I may have found my problem with the high revs only. I didn't want to clutter your brain with all thats been going on so i'll start all over again . While cutting grass I started putting out huge amounts of smoke ,not at first but after a good warm-up ,here comes the heavy smoke periodically. Mower is only four years old and not much grass to cut so I took the motor out and checked the head gasket and yes the gasket was bad so replaced it for 8 bucks. I was getting oil from rubber tube from block into air filter and back through carb causing all the smoke. On the put back together I had the fine long wire spring attached to the throttle itself ,but since ,i put it to the engine shroud it seems to work okay (is this right)? The throttle arm on dash now causes rpm to go up and down but it's hard to see but a little movement in external swing plate on throttle itself. A weak spring about a inch long also needed replaced. so untill i do a real grass cut i think my problem is solved. Thanks to the concerned....bernie

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