B&S carburator help...


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B&S carburator help...

My mower won't start, it was running great, turned it off to move one of the few hundred toys in my yard and it wouldn't restart...its getting spark...if I put a little gas in the carb it will start, but only run for a second till it burns that little bit of gas..the carb is full of gas and the fuel filter is not clogged..gas pours through it when I pull the line off...but some how its not getting to the engine..I've also checked the only jet I could find and its not clogged...

Does anyone know what the gold tube/plug is on the bottum of the carb bowl??(and if so could that be the problem??..it has a small two prong plug on it and a little plunger end inside the bowl....My mower does not have a fuel pump or an elctric choke...So any ideas??
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part in question can be seen here


i've searched for a description picture of it all night with no luck...
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The part you described is the fuel shutoff solenoid. It will cause your problem. It should have 12 volts going to it with the key turned on. If it has 12 volts, remove it and touch it to the engine block with the key on. It will spark a tiny bit, so make sure there is no gas present. Watch the little plunger/needle when you touch it to the engine block. It should jump down, and spring back up when you remove it from the engine. If it doesn't, then it needs cleaning or replacing.

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