Yard MAchines Chipper Shredder w/ 8HP Techumseh

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Question Yard MAchines Chipper Shredder w/ 8HP Techumseh

Hi. I picked up this chipper off a neighbour who hadn't used it in 4 or 5 years. He let it sit with gas in it and told me it wouldn't start. I bought it anyways, and he knocked a hundred bucks off the price.

I took it up the road to another neigbour who cleaned it..said it was gummed up. I figured that, I just haven't worked on small engines and carbs before. He took a wire and cleaned some stuff out. It started but ran a bit rough...and he said it would for a couple tanks of fuel. I thought it was odd that I had to leave the choke ON a bit to get it to run best.

I ran through one tank..a bit faster than I thought I should... and went off to another brush pile to deal with that mess. After about 10 minutes the machine just stopped running. Not a violent stop... not even bucking like it was out of gas...just a gentle rolling to a stop. I looked down and saw gas running out of the air filter. The gas just keeps running. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I think my friend did what he thought it might have quickly needed, and I appreciated that. I think there is a bit more to do to this carb. Someone told me I should just replace the whole carb., It's a fairly clean machine....I wouldn;t think to just toss the carb for a new one. Any guesses on what I should try? Remember I'm a carb noobie, but not unmecanical, I CAN follow instructions!

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well Steve a small engine after not bein' used for that long with gas left in it will varnish up the inside of the carb.You'll have to take it apart and soak it in carb cleaner,being sure to take all ruber parts out before soaking.You can buy carb cleaner in 3/4 gal.can,at auto zone for around $15.00 or so.Also check the float for holes.This is why it's leaking fuel from carb./air cleaner.fuel isn't being closed off.
Also check motor oil for ges smell.If you detact any change it.

You can also soak carb in vinegar,if no carb.cleaner can be found,and if wife doesn't finds out.Ha...Ha...Ha

good luck and post back with update
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Being a horizontal shaft Tecumseh 8 horse, you needn't worry about fuel in the oil. This has an updraft carburetor and fuel can't get into the crankcase, it will leak out the opening towards the air filter. As repair_guy mentioned, you need to soak this carb and also, you'll want to buy a Tecumseh rebuild kit along with new mounting gasket(s) and possibly a new float (if it has fluid in it and thereby no longer floats). I don't know about Auto Zones cleaner, but Napa has a cleaner with a bucket and strainer that work well for these carbs, part number 6402. Use caution with this cleaner, it is very caustic. Use protective gloves and eyeware. Also, have a can of spray cleaner handy to flush off the carb after you have soaked it for 15-20 minutes. Post back with your engines' ID numbers and I'll provide the part numbers you need to do the job. Find your local Tecumseh dealer for these parts.

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