Ariens Series 935


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Ariens Series 935


Had this machine for quite sometime (Ariens Series 935, YT12) and now I have a couple problems. It has the Hydro Rear Drive so this is the confusing part to me I guess.

1. Cutting short grass it does ok ... when it gets into longer grass the blades stop spinning or spin very erratically. While sitting on the flat with no obstruction the blades whirl merrily.

2. Speaking of the blades ... they have a tendency to spin whether pto is engaged or not. I have attempted to adjust the friction washer settings but do not want to go too far on that without help.

I have checked the oil in the hydro it looks clean, is up to the fill mark and does not smell. The engine runs fine and does not bog in longer grass just the blades.

I do have the maintenance manual so I can get into a little more than most and am not afraid of working on it.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I don't have first hand knowledge of this model but in general principles I do. First, the hydro tranny has no relation to the blade drive, they are two seperate matters with the only common bond is the engine pulley (and only if it is not an electric clutch blade drive). You apparently have a blade slippage issue. Now, does this unit have a two-belt or one-belt blade drive? In either case look to these for any looseness or wear in the belts. Look also for any adjustment in the belt tensioning idler pulleys.

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