Craftsman Riding Mower dead


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Craftsman Riding Mower dead

My Craftsman riding mower quit. I pulled it out to begin it's weekly chores, and after stopping to air up a front tire, I got back on and it won't start. No clicking, no turnover, no nothing. Replaced the battery (was purchased on 01, so I thought it was due), but no help. Before I begin disassembling the housing to get to the starter/selinoid, though I'd ask for advice as to what to look for. In reading earlier posts, I see the crastsman troubleshooting site is down, and I can't seem to find any other.
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As foolish a question it seems, I need to ask anyhow. Are you sure all applicable controls are in neutral/disengage position? Clutch depressed (or parking brake set)? Deck engagement lever disengaged?
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As well as the transmission being in neutral---clutch being depressed fully--blades disengaged--and you in the seat as puey61 mentioned,It also could be a just blown fuse,or a bad ignition switch or even one of the four (4) safty switches has gone bad.

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