broken choke lever on John Deere S1400


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broken choke lever on John Deere S1400

Hi All,

I have a John Deere S1400 String Trimmer that wont start because my Father dropped it and broke the choke lever in the process. I've tried to manually set the choke using a screwdriver - but to no avail. Any ideas as to how I can start this thing without the choke lever or where I might go to purchase a replacement lever?? I'v checked the John Deere and Homelite parts catalog and didnt find a part number for this particular lever. Thanks in advance for any useful information.
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I ran into this same trouble with a customers S1400 a couple years back but i don't recall if we were able to remedy the situation. But, look on the carburetor for its' ID. There will be a model and serial number and you may need to remove the carb first to see such.
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I have the same string trimmer with a broken choke

I keep the broken piece in a little box and slide it in whenever I want to start the trimmer. Once it gets going it runs like a champ. I looked into trying to fix it, but I suppose what I've been doing is just easier. I guess that is why I picked this trimmer up at a flea market for $30. That, and mine does like a little shot of starting fluid to get going too. Once it is warmed up it will fire up again no sweat after a shutdown. No choke, no ether, nothing but pull the cord. Some 2 stroke engines can be a bit of a bear to get going from cold, and I sure have a little ritual that I perform with this machine.

Really that brass rod, with the face milled into it is a part designed to fail, I've seen them broken on several different small engines. If these companies really wanted their stuff to last they'd make the part differently.
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Looked on the Deere site and it looks like part # UP05810 (lever). Problem is, it's not sold separately. You would have to buy the whole carb. It might be possible to make up a press fit metal lever to go on the choke shaft, or even make up one with a set screw in it. If you have more time than money, it might be worth a try.
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Thumbs up Ordered C1200 Lever Choke part UP05810

I called a local John Deere dealer and they didn't carry this part and referred me to a small engine shop.

They ordered from and charged me only $5.

I'll fix our $350 trimmer in two weeks when the part arrives...hopefully that is.

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John Deere is Homelite!

I should say that John Deere WAS Homelite because they sold off this consumer products division in 2001 (Deere & Company Sells Homelite Operations to TechTronics - Archives - Appliance Design). I found this out in a roundabout way, BUT the good news is that you can get parts for your John Deere trimmer. Just go to the Homelite parts page (Homelite :: Order Parts) and type in your trimmer model (C1200, S1400, etc.). I have a C1200 (which has the same carburetor as the S1400) and I broke the choke lever off a few years back. What a pain in the butt. I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Unfortunately, the choke lever isn't listed as a replacement part for the C1200 (or S1400) on the Homelite webpage! I called Homelite and they said I would have to buy the ENTIRE carburetor kit!! DON'T DO IT!!! If you type in the choke lever part number (UP05810) in the parts box, you'll actually discover that you CAN buy it by itself because it's listed as a separate part on some other Homelite models!! I got lucky and was able to buy a couple off of Ebay (just had good timing). It took some elbow grease to slide one on the shaft completely, but it works perfectly!!! Now I'm gonna see if the Hangar Caps from some of the other Homelite models will work with my JD trimmer accessories!
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JD S1400 Choke Lever Needed

Thanks for all of the great advice and shared experiences! It has really help me.

I too have a JD S1400 choke lever and rod problem, broken off at the lever. I've tried everything to restore it, but have come to the conclusion I need another rod to properly insert into the lever.

I ordered and recieved the lever, but I am also in need of the choke "rod" itself. I haven't been able to find the part number or availability on the Homelite site, or any other for that matter.

I could also use another air filter cover. I doubt my Gorilla Glue job will hold long!

Any addition thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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