Murray Riding Mower


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Murray Riding Mower

I have a 17.5 murray riding mower with a briggs and stratton engine, which just stopped running. I can play with the choke and keep it running but I'm sure this isn't good for the mower. When it starts to sputter I pull the choke out and when it starts to sputter again (takes about 3 - 5 seconds) I push the choke back in. I seem to be able to repeat this for a while. I had to nurse the mower like that for my last 4 or 5 runs to finish the job. I called a small engine repair shop who believes (although he hasn't seen it yet) that he needs to order a new carberator ($193.87 plus tax and labor). Ouch! Is this something simple a relatively new person to small engine repair can do or something else I can try? Any Ideas? Is this indeed a carberator issue or something else I can look for?
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Yes,it is a carburetor problem.But replace it???NO.take the upper half off via the 4 bolts near the top,take it apart and soak it in carb cleaner for 20-30 minutes,reasamble,set ajustment at 1-1/2 from lightly,fully in and put it back on.
Take fuel line lose at the fuel filter and run a little fuel out,to check for water or other debres.When running clear,clean or replace fuel filter.put back and crank.
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good grief! This is a common problem and does not come close to having to replace the carburetor. All you'll need to do is clean it. I'd remove the top of the carb, clean out the bowl, remove the bowl drain on the side of the carb, insert an allen wrench into the drain hole and unscrew the main jet, clean it out and clean out the area behind it, and reassemble. This should fix the problem for a couple dollars worth of carb cleaner and maybe an hour of time for the beginner.

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