Lack of power in roybi power head


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Lack of power in roybi power head

I have Ryobi CS30 2-cycle power head with multiple attachments. The engine starts without any problems, but has no power after warm-up. It sounds like it is choked all the time. If it were a two cylender engine, I would believe it was hitting on only one cylinder.

To this point, I have removed the carb. cleaned it with carb cleaner. Removed the needle valves and cleaned with carb cleaner. Inspected for full opening of the choke and throttle. Checked the gap and ensured it was at .025. Replaced the fuel with fresh fuel/oil.

I checked for an obstruction from the fuel intake line, and it flowed free. I chedk the fuel cap to see if it was clogged, and it appeared ok. (The engine ran the same with the cap on or off) I made sure the air filter was clean.

I adjusted the low speed needle valve to 1 rev from closed and the high spead to 1.25 rev from closed. It starts fine, and fine adjustment on the high speed needle valve only marginally helps.

This thing is only two years old and it should not be worn out at this point in time.
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This is a very common problem with 2 cycles.The muffler or the exhoust port itself is pluged with carbon deposits,Bend the tang on the bottom of the muffler and run a screwdriver in it.If that doesn't work take the muffler off and with the spark plug out run a piece of wood (where as not to scratch the cylinder) and clean the exhoust port out.Then blow the carbon out of the clyinder.This will cure the problem.
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Thanks, I will give it a try when I get home this afternoon. Will follow up with the results.
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Talking Happy camper now

That was it repair guy!. I pulled the muffler off, but didn't see much buildup around the exhaust. But then I took the little plate for the spark arrester off, and that was where the carbon was hiding. It didnt appear to be much, but the vent must have only been a mm in deapth and 1.5 cm wide and 1 cm deep (estimation). At any rate when I scraped that port clean and put things back together, it started right up. As I moved the choke from the half choke position to the run position, I could hear that little engine start picking up rpms. I was then able to adjust the high speed needle valve and it smoothed out better than new. That puppy runs like a scalded dog. Thanks again for shiring your knowledge!!
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Lightbulb my exaust is keeping my roybi weed eater from starting

i know this is off the subject but i need help i have a roybi weed eater and i have tryed everything but still nothing, here is the problem i have tryed to get it to start with the muffler attached and it will not start now when i take the muffler off it will start now here is the mystery i have tryed 3 other mufflers of the same type and still will not start i even tryed cleaning the one i took off and clened the other 3 to see if the helped but nothing still wont start but when there is no muffler it runs just fine, can somebody help
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Take a look at other things that are affected by the muffler. Is it touching the plug wire (maybe a rubbed spot where the wire is shorting against the muffler?)? Maybe it's touching the kill wire for the coil?

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