Husq LTH130 - blades won't spin up


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Husq LTH130 - blades won't spin up

LTH 130 Lawn Tractor:

Problem started last year... You pull the knob to engage the blades, and they won't spin up. Sometimes, if you leave it engages and drive a little, they will spin up, other times they won't.

I don't think the problem is electrical as you hear a slight pneumatic type sound when you pull the knob, so I assume the switch itself is ok.. Seems like they won't spin up for some other reason. Loose belts possibly?

If anyone knows how I can fix this, please help. I'm way to broke (ATM) to spend cash to get this repaired, especially if I can do it myself.

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What you describe is exactly what was happening on my 2000 AYP lawn tractor. My problem was that the blade brakes were not being disengaged properly. I was not impressed with how they were supposed to operate, so they were removed. Not the best solution, I know...but I'm the only one who normally operates the machine. For that reason I positively refuse to let any underage person operate it...and if a relative (no one else!!!) needs to borrow it I make certain they are aware of the fact.

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The difference here is that the mower in question has an electric PTO, and doesn't have blade brakes.

Have you checked the belt tension? Do the blades slowly build up speed, or suddenly come on when they finally do come on? Right now, it's starting to sound like a bad PTO clutch, but the answers to these questions will help diagnose.

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