Fuel problems


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Fuel problems

My riding lawn mower is blowing gas out of the cylenoid. At least I think it is the cylenoid. I removed it but it doen't look clogged or anything. Do I need to replace the cylenoid? Also my weedwhacker is leaking gas I believe through the carb. Could this be from trash or something? Should I try taking it off and cleaning it. You should know I don't know much about mowers.
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cylenoid? Im not sure what you mean, the only engine with a fuel shut of cylenoid that I know of would be a diesel. I think you should tell alot more about this mower and what what brand, engine, etc. As for the weed whaker I had this problem on 2 engines already this year. I would take carb apart and get some carb cleaner and hose it down good and spray it in all the little ports too. If your in a hurry just take the float out and spray out where the little needle valve is. That fixed my problems.
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Most newer (6-7 years old and newer) lawn tractors do have fuel Solenoids attached directly to the carburetor. As michael pointed out, more info would be helpful. IE, exactly where the fuel is coming from and engine ID numbers. While your at it, post back with the chassis ID numbers as well. The weedwacker will likely need as michael indicated - a good cleaning except that you will find no float as this is a diaphragm type carburetor.

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