2cycle vs 4cycle


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2cycle vs 4cycle

Im in the market for a new weed eater and have the option of a 4 cycle and the 2 cycle what would be the advantages of one over the other. thanks
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Advantages 2 cycle: Less moving parts, lightweight, more powerful and they have been on the market a fairly long time.

Disadvantages 2 cycle: Must mix gas and oil. Smelly exhaust that stinks up your clothes.

Advantages 4 cycle: Cleaner exhaust. Probably a bit quieter also.

Disadvantages 4 cycle: These designs are just a couple of years old and the repairman may not have actually worked on a 4 cycle yet. They are slightly less powerful on a power to weight basis.

The 4 cycle is the machine of the future as far as the environment goes. I suggest if you do decide to buy a 4 stroker that you stick with a major, well established brand name with a local dealer network.
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Check out this months popular mechanics, they do a review on the trimmers http://www.popularmechanics.com/home...g/2696256.html

I personally like the idea of not mixing oil, so I would go 4 cycle if I had the $
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I'm one who likes 2 cycles for a weed eater...... you can run em in basically any orientation you want without harm, and you don't have to worry about putting oil in it..... I don't think its much harder to keep a one gallon can and mix the oil with the gas.....
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Personally, I don't even consider a 4-stroke on a trimmer. Too much to go wrong, heavier, and not as strong.
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I have a two year old Homelite Weed eater that I bought new. It worked great the first year. The second year, I had old two cycle gas left over, and it did not work quite as well, but still worked. Kind of sputtered a lot until I finished off the gas and bought and mixed new.

Again this (3rd) Spring, I have half a gallon of two cycle left over. I have not tried to fire it up this Spring yet. Is it just the gas left in the engine that is would be bad from water condensation, or is the stuff in the can bad as well? Why does two cycle go bad? Will it hurt the engine, or just sputter a bit?

If I am supposed to dispose of it, where would I do that without dumping it somewhere? Autoparts store?

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Its not the 2cycle oil that goes bad... its the gas, dump the old stuff in a relatively full cars gastank, won't hurt it. And mix some fresh... and be sure to use fuel stabilizer! if its gonna be kept over a month or two. Or buy some 2 stroke oil that already contains fuel stabilizer. If the mix gets over a year old, dump it in the car even if fuel stabilizer was used... whats happened is the gas has deteriorated and has gone down in octane as well..... the gas will also gum the carb up if left for too long. I would either (when using stabilized gas/oil mix) run it totally out before storing, or fill it up and leave it till the next season.

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