riding mower doesn't start or turn over


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riding mower doesn't start or turn over

I have a rear engine Yard Machines model 560. It started last year when I was given a demo. Put away for the winter, took it out this year - nothing. Tried a new battery, it still will not turn over. Motor does not appear to be seazed up. I think it is a 1995. Turn the key - nothing. How do you by-pass or check the safety switches? How do you "shock" the starter to force it to run? I read other messages in this forum and was wondering if anyone else has one of these and may have some answers to help me get it running. It is 10.5 horsepower shift on the go, 30 inch cut. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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Sorry, I missed this thread. While you may have a defective safety switch, you may not. You could have a bad key switch or a bad solenoid. Do you have a test light available? If so, the first test will be at the small guage wire going to the solenoid. It will be helpful to have a second person to simulate an actual operator on the machine. 1- Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug. 2- ground your test light to the engine. 3- Place the tester probe on the small guage wire on the solenoid. 4- (Using your helper, have them on the machine with all controls in neutral and the clutch depressed) Turn the key to the start position. The test light should light up. This tells us if the key switch and safety switches are OK. If it does light up, they're OK. Now you need to test the solenoid itself. Take the light probe and touch the starter side post (the post with the cable running directly to the starter motor). Turn the key to the start position. The test light should light up. If so, the solenoid is OK. This would indicate that the starter is the problem. If the light does not light up at this test, you will need to be sure the solenoid is well enough grounded. If it grounds through the mount (which is indicated by only one small guage wire running to the solenoid), you need to clean the mounting area by removing the solenoid and scraping any rust or other build-up and re-test. If you have two small wires running to the solenoid, you will need to determine which is the hot wire and which is the external grounding post. Generally, the small post closest to the key switch is the hot post and the other being the grounding post. You will then have to be sure this ground wire is good by cleaning such and re-test once done. If you have a situation where the test light does not light up at the first test (at the hot post (wire) on the solenoid) then you likely have a bad safety switch. We'll cover this only if necessary. Post back with your test results.

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