Sears Tractor, Starter Won't Disengage


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Sears Tractor, Starter Won't Disengage

Guy at work has a Craftsman 46", lawn tractor with a Briggs 19 hp engine. Last time he started it the starter engaged and started the engine, however upon releasing the key the starter continued to run. He replaced the ignition switch but the problem presists.

He now has the battery disconnected. When he hooks it back up the starter starts up, even with the key in the off position.

Starter solenoid?
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Solenoid definately is the primary suspect in your case. But go back and double check the ignition switch part numbers. There are many variations of these switches and they all look very similar. If they installed the wrong switch, it could do exactly what you describe. If the switch checks out OK, it would almost have to be a defective solenoid or a wiring short on the hot[+]side .
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connect the battery with the keyswitch unplugged. If it still turns the engine, the solenoid is bad.

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