Kohler Oil Consumption


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Kohler Oil Consumption

I just bought a Craftsman tractor used w/ a Kohler 15.5hp engine in it. It runs great and cuts well, but I'm noticing that it burns a lot of oil. I put a quart in it when I started my lawn and by the end it was almost empty again. Is this common? Does this mean the engine is on it's last legs? I don't know much about engines, but I called the store where I bought it and they gave me the "It wasn't like that when you bought it" BS.
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How long have you had it? Sounds like the store you got it from needs to own up and do the right thing. It is not common for these engines. Chances are that your engine needs new rings and the cylinder honed, but it could also be a blown head gasket.
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Does the engine blow out blue smoke from the muffler when you run it? Or, if not, do you see a puddle of oil on your garage floor when at rest? This is a huge amount of oil to lose over such a short period of time. What weight oil are you using?
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It doesn't blow smoke when run. There is a tiny oil spot on the floor...like the size of a nickel. I don't know what kind of oil was in it because it's the oil that came with it. Is it possible that they put in some thicker oil to store it over the winter, and that's why I'm burning it off? It doesn't seem that it's leaking enough to account for all the oil I put in it. They sold me the tractor at the end of March. They delivered it. It sat right where they dropped it off. When I went to use it about 5 weeks later it wouldn't run, so they did take it back and get it running and brought it back. But now they're basically telling me that it's a used tractor and I bought it "as is". Pretty shady. I guess I should've just bought new. I bought this one because I thought an older Craftsman w/ a Kohler engine would be better than some cheap, Chinese-made, new tractor would be.

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