Craftsman Weedwacker


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Craftsman Weedwacker

I have a 2 cycle gasoline weedwacker by craftsman Model #358.795560. The starter rope snapped. I already bought a replacement rope. When i take the weeder apart, i cant figure out how to take the coupling-drive out so i can get to the pulley.... am i doing this correctly? better yet how do i replace that rope that is used to pull to start the weeder?

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I havent got any book so I can see which kinda clutch you have.but Craftsman uses two kinds.One,after you take the motor off the shaft you got 6 torx screws th take off (if memory serves their size T-25's.And then some has a 1/2" nut,that holds the clutch.And some has a torx screw in the middle of the clutch drum.I think that this is a size T-20.
Then you can get to the starter puley.
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Thank You for that answer. I have the same problem.
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spinning head

I have the same weedwacker and I am trying to put on a different spinning head blade system. However, I can't figure out how to disassemble the parts so I can put my new one on. Any suggestions?
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Since your trimmer is a Craftsman,It probaly has sinsor cutting head on it.(A big,hudge black cutting head with only one string sticking out) If so....these has a big nut on top.Hold the nut still while thrning the head with your hand.

The other head,if it has differant threads,probally has an arber you'll need to screw on the one that's on your trimmer to fit it with the new kinda cutting head.
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Craftsman gas weedwacker

The 32cc 2cycle gas weedwacker moc 358-795560 flex shaft seems to have broke. How do I get to it inorder to replace the flex shaft or whatever broke on the shaft? I have a large, flat, adjustable wrench I put on the large nut on the head, pushed the springloaded locking pin and was unable to turn the large nut. Do I need to remove all the torx screws on the head? and what about the other end of the shaft/motor? Thanks in advance.
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I can't comment on the 32cc Weedwacker. But I do have the 38cc Brushwacker and I can't believe how well built the thing is and how long it has lasted. My dad bought it back in the early 90s from Sears and used it for years and gave it to me when he couldn't handle it anymore. It has a commercial Robin engine (from what I've been told), a solid steel shaft and alot of commercial features/build construction. Just last week I took the muffler off it, cleaned what little carbon there was in the port, checked the fuel line, all the wiring, bolts for tightness, oiled the bearings, greased the gears in the head, etc. Fired it up and it still runs great and the thing must have over 1,000 hours on it. Over the weekend I put the brush blade (not the bigger saw blade) with the 4 cutting edges on it and the thing just cut through brush, vines, saplings up to 1.5 inches around and only was giving it maybe 1/8 throttle. Just amazing...... just hope it lasts another 5+ years because I can't afford to buy anything in that size/price range right now. Later!
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You should be able to access the drive shaft by removing the gear reduction drive on the lower end of the shaft. To do this, loosen the clamping screw on the top end of the gear case that slides up over the shaft, then there is another screw on the side in the middle of the case about an inch or so lower down that locks the gear case from rotating, remove this screw and the gear case should pull loose from the shaft. With the gear case off, the flex cable should pull out of the drive shaft housing.

Best of Luck...
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I did get to the T20 screw but how do I get the part off with the spring? I see the word "off" on one arm but it won't move.
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I have taken my weedwhaker apart and got to the T-20 screw at the head of the motor but now I can't figure out how to get off the portion with the spring. There is a piece above the spring that says "off" but I can't move it. I am trying to replace the broken pull rope.
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Remove the spark plug, Push a good length of pull rope into the spark plug hole to keep the engine from turning, leaving a bit hanging out. Use a large pair of channel locks to unscrew the clutch, make the repair, tighten the clutch, remove rope from plug hole and reinstall rope.

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