B&S Quantum 5hp


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Angry B&S Quantum 5hp

Hello, I have a Briggs 5hp Quantum engine on my pressure washer. I cannot get the motor to run. I have disassembled the carburator and cleaned it very well. I bathed it in my parts washer solvent and used some brake cleaner for quick drying. The carburator is the bowl type, with no adjustment screws anywhere.

The engine runs fine when pouring raw gas directly into the carburator, until it runs out. I can keep the engine running by choking with my hand and letting off, choking with hand, and letting off. It seems as if the carburator is not picking up the gasoline out of the bowl. The manual choke is not enough to start or keep the engine running.

When cleaning, I saw the two holes in the pickup part of the carburator (down by the float, up in the tube). I cleaned these out, and I got cleaner to go out of one and up into the carb when spraying into the hole. The other hole is either intentionally a dead end, or stopped up completly? I cannot get any spray to go through that hole. I tried running a wire through there to unclog it, but no luck.

I have worked on many engines over the years, and this one has me stumped and completly frustrated. Time to ask for some help. Bring it on, and thanks.

Engine Info:
Briggs and Stratton
Quantum XTL Clean Power 50
Family- TBS190U1G1RA:EM
Model- 12V

Thanks again
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Well,there's a itsy bitsy hole in between the threads of the bowl nut.Sonds likke this is gona be where your trouble is.Run a small wire through this hole.And down through th top too.
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I'd suggest soaking the carb in a bath type carb cleaner. You can pick it up at napa and other auto parts stores. Remove rubber parts before soaking.
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Yea, after posting that yesterday, I went back out to try again. Upon further inspection, the hole in the screw at the bottom was clogged, sure enough.

That little bugger has been causing so much frustration on my end. Oh well, just glad I got it fixed and now I know about that little hole. For some reason, I thought it was for draining without taking the screw completly out.

Runs like a champ now.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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