Online Source for Husqvarna Premium 2-Stroke Oil--1 Gallon size


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Online Source for Husqvarna Premium 2-Stroke Oil--1 Gallon size

Can anyone help me find an online retailer that sells Husqvarna Premiun 2-stroke engine oil in large volume.

I'm tired of running down to the local big box once a week for a 6.4oz bottle. I don't want to buy more bottles at one time because then they end up cluttering up my truck, and I'm sure it's cheaper to buy in bulk.

I would like to purchase a gallon jug or at a minumum a few quart size bottles.

I've been all over the net, and can't find a source.
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I doubt you'll find oil labeled by huquvarna in that size container. Husq doesn't make their oil, they just sell someone else's oil with their label on it. Any decent quality 2-stroke oil is fine, and should be readily available in different size containers.
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Husqvarna sells other peoples oil--just repackaged in a different bottle? Who makes the oil? It's a semi-synthetic, according to Husqvarna.

Since you say to just use ANY quality 2-stroke oil:

Would you use Bombardier Injector oil?
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The Bombi oil you see there is non-synthetic AND it is for use in injected systems whereas it has a different viscosity. Don't use this oil. Check with your local small engine shop, they should have what you're after...synthetic, quart/liter size containers with a built-in measuring chamber.
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echo, husky, stihl, all 50:1 oils
echo part # 6450005-ds 13 oz bottle - 12 per case
" " # 6450006-ds 16 oz squeeze bottle - 12 per case
" " # 6450050-ds 1 gal bottle - 6 per case

the 13 oz bottle will mix up a 5 gallon can. that should keep yo busy for a while.
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I'm not so much interested in a synthetic oil. I actually don't like using synthetics for my application. The Husqvarna is supposed to be a semi-synthetic. And thats fine for my intended use.

Thanks for those Echo part numbers. A gallon of that oil should keep me entertained for about 50 gallons worth of fuel. My goal is 25 gallons this summer.

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Here's that Husqvarna oil, if anyone else needs it:

You must enable popups, and ads to view the whole page. There's no BS on the site, you just have to enable popups to see the left hand menu.

Click on Oil, Lubrication, Cleanors, Addetives, and Sealants.

1 gallon jug is $15.25


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